I'm Kokou AGBAVON.

Web FullStack & Mobile Developer Humanist Blogger

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Passionate engineer.
Humanist and Panafrican Blogger.
Turned demesurement towards the needs and the complete satisfaction of the customer.
Actor of the technological migration of our continent.
Humanist because "the wickedness of MEN saddens me a lot".
Africanist because the cradle of humanity deserves better.
Goal: Achieve the same level of productivity / requirement / inventiveness / in the evolution of the human condition than that put in that of technologies and industry.
General Objective: Eradication of poverty, inequality and injustice.
Amateur Football, Video Games, All-time Reader.


Desktop & Web & Mobile Developer.
IT Works Engineer.
Sensitive soul ☺


Builds complete, complex, progressive, and scalable applications.

  • 90%
    Java Web Applications
  • 85%
    Web Front End
  • 95%
    Mobile Applications
  • 40%
    Business Management Systems

More of my credentials.

Flutter & mobile stacks lover. JAMstack enthusiast. Java Senior Developer, Volunteer, Startup Success Worker.

Work Experience

FullStack Developer Cognitive Factory

February 2022

FullStack Developer - Cognitive Factory

Full Stack Developer, in the process of setting up solutions for companies, medium or large size.

Mobile Developer RedConnect

November 2020 - April 2021

Mobile Developer - RedConnect

Full Stack Developer, mainly in charge of mobile projects. Design of complex business processes, digitization of documents, creation of entertainment solutions.

Lead Developer E-CARE

June 2020 - September 2019

Lead Developer - ECARE

Black Planteur - Lead Web Developer. In charge of the management and the Design of a public, multi-user Web platform for the management of information on patient data and their interactions with healthcare professionals. Development of response solutions against the Coronavirus. Development of Public Health Services (Pharmaceutical Products Catalog, on-call pharmacies, etc.).

Lead Developer ACORPORATE (and many others Startup and projects)

Today - Jan. 2019

Lead Developer &

Lead Developer of ACORPORATE. Engaged with my team on help clients reach their goals. Help Enterprises to benefit all opportunities of technologies with technicals realisations, mentoring and advices.


Dec. 2018 - Sep. 2018


Working for/with startup and others enterprise to begin activities or increase existant ones gains.


Professional License : Computer Engineering

2016 - 2019


ITI Training: Computer Works Engineer


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Lomé, Adidogomé
Rue Messan Gnamey near LETP-Adidogomé

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